Benefits and Legacy 2017-02-11T21:37:13+00:00

NuGen is considering the following benefits that could be provided as part of the Moorside Project and through this consultation, is asking the community for views, comments and suggestions.

  • Employment: identifying opportunities at the Moorside Project Sites, publicising opportunities clearly and accessibly.
  • Local economy: local services to benefit from increased expenditure.
  • Skills and training: advanced notification of job specs and training requirements. Assistance with training programmes.
  • Supply chain: support existing and future local business to be aware of and be prepared for opportunities.
  • Transport: new public railway station at Mirehouse, increased platform capacity at Corkickle, potential for increased public services.
  • Landscaping and environment: environmental mitigation, landscaping for noise reduction and visual amenity; investment to improve the visual appearance of areas and improve quality of life.
  • Healthcare: investing in local doctors’ practices and dentists for dual use with Moorside workforce and investment in wider emergency services provision.
  • Leisure and recreation: investing in leisure facilities for dual use with Moorside workforce, including sports pitches.
  • Community cohesion: financial support for community cohesion, including local town and parish council, community groups, and community liaison officers.
  • Buildings and infrastructure: designed for possible permanent retention; avoid the use of portacabins or caravans; strategy for the long term use of buildings and infrastructure.