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NuGen is committed to ensuring that highest health, safety and environmental standards are its main priority in all activities undertaken on the Moorside Project Sites. No task is so important that it overrides any safety consideration throughout the project. NuGen’s goal is to ensure that the safety of the workforce and members of the public is paramount.

NuGen’s work at site so far has been assessment on the Moorside Site, and in advance of starting a programme of site characterisation at Moorside, NuGen has commissioned a Waste Water Treatment Plant, to treat and discharge waste water arising from borehole drilling.

Throughout the construction, NuGen will conduct environmental mitigation, including landscaping for noise reduction and visual amenity and will invest in landscape and townscape enhancements to improve the visual appearance of the areas and improve quality of life for local residents. These mitigation measures will be identified in the Environmental Statement.

Also throughout the construction, NuGen will engage with neighbouring communities at each of the sites where development will take place, to remove or reduce impacts as far as possible.