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About NuGen

NuGen is a UK company, owned by Toshiba and ENGIE (formerly GDF SUEZ) – multinational companies with reputations for safety, operational and engineering excellence, combined with comprehensive experience and expertise in the energy sector, world-wide.

The Moorside Project

The Moorside Project comprises the Moorside Power Station and other developments on the Moorside Site; Accommodation Sites at Egremont, Mirehouse and Corkickle; and Additional Sites for highway improvements and new rail infrastructure. Three Westinghouse AP1000® reactors will generate up to 3.8GW nominal gross electrical capacity of low-carbon electricity: enough to power six million homes, supplying around seven per cent of the UK’s electricity needs.


The expected operating life of the three reactors comprising the Moorside Power Station is around 60 years plus possible extensions. NuGen expects decommissioning and dismantling operations to begin in the late 2080s and to take around 15 years to complete.


Moorside Power Station would be regulated under a nuclear site licence by the Office for Nuclear Regulation and through environmental permits by the Environment Agency.