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St Bees Railway

  • Extension to the existing St Bees Loop further south by approximately 285m in length. This extended loop is required to ensure that a train is able to stop within the extended loop, whilst another NuGen charter train or scheduled train passes through St Bees.

Corkickle to Mirehouse Railway

  • New loop comprising of a new section of rail track laid alongside the existing track between Corkickle and Mirehouse, approximately 3.2km in length.
  • Dedicated Moorside worker rail platforms at Corkickle and Mirehouse.
  • Proposed public platform at Mirehouse.

Moorside Site Railway

  • Access from the Cumbria Coast Line into the Moorside Site from the north and south.
  • New stretches of rail, includes re-use of a disused branch.
  • A new viaduct over the River Ehen.
  • Worker rail platform and platform canopy/buildings.

Whilst NuGen’s transport strategy is sea and rail-focused, the Moorside Project will have an affect on the road network. NuGen intends to manage this as far as possible to utilise off-peak capacity, but has, at this time, identified the potential for road improvements at a number of locations.