Countdown to consultation begins

NuGen has released more images of the proposed Moorside Project as the countdown to the start of the second stage of its Public Consultation begins.

An indicative image of how the Moorside Nuclear Power Station might look

The latest images are artist’s impressions that depict how aspects of the Moorside Project might look – including more views of the main site, transport hubs and associated developments.

An indicative image showing transport hubs which are an integral part of NuGen’s proposals for the Moorside Project

The second stage of the public consultation on NuGen’s proposals for the Moorside Project will be launched on May 14th, when more detail about the proposed scheme will be released.

The consultation will last for 11 weeks and will include more than 28 public events across the county, where the people of Cumbria can come along and Have Their Say on the plans.

For more information on how you can Have Your Say, including a full list of all the times and locations of the consultation events, go to

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