DCO and Consultation 2017-02-11T21:37:13+00:00

NuGen is at the half-way point before the submission of the Development Consent Order (DCO) application in 2017.

Both the proposed Moorside Power Station and Moorside Project Railway are Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects and under the Planning Act 2008, NuGen is required to apply for a DCO. This replaces the need to obtain planning permission under the Town and Country Planning Act.

The secretaries of state (for Energy and Climate Change, and for Transport) will ultimately make a decision on whether to grant the DCO.

An important part of the DCO application is consultation and NuGen is continuing to consult widely, building on the Stage One Strategic Issues Consultation in 2015, and now the Stage Two Proposed Scheme Consultation, from 14th May to 30th July 2016. NuGen is required to consult with those that could be affected by the proposed development, taking their views into consideration where possible.

The Stage One Strategic Issues Consultation took place over a 10- week period during the summer of 2015, while the Stage Two Consultation will take place over 11 weeks and will present more detailed information on the proposed scheme for the Moorside Project.

The Stage Two Feedback Report will be published later in 2016.